Sound  /  Lights  / Sound distribution of events

I provide not only music production but also sound distribution and lights on corporate, cultural, sporty and other events all around the Czech Republic.

In comparison to competition, I offer affordable technical equipment.

Every order is handled individually to full customer satisfaction.
For more information, hints and calculations please contact me via djfica@djfica.czmail


I focus mainly on communal, cultural and sporty events, where the spoken word needs sound, or where a space needs to be covered with reproduced music. 

I offer high-quality sound distribution DB Technologies with operation nearly 4,8 kW, wireless microphones Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, audio-technic and mixing consoles / 2 – 40 inputs Pioneer, Yamaha.

For bigger parties I can also provide powerful device DB Technologies Fifty Line Plus with operation 7,2 kW and a professional sound engineer.

Sound Examples of prices  

Sound engineer - works (1 hour)  400 CZK
Mixer (2 - 40 input) 400 - 2.000 CZK
Active 10" sound dB Opera 710D (2x 450W)       1.000 CZK
Active 10" sound dB DVX D10 (2x 600W)       1.400 CZK
Active 12" sound dB DVX D12 (2x 1000W) 1.800 CZK
Active PA system 3,2 kW (2x dB DVX D10 + 2x subwoofer db SUB 15H) 3.400 CZK
Active PA system 4,4 kW (2x dB DVX D12 + 2x subwoofer dB SUB 18H) 4.200 CZK



I am not a VAT payer.


I have the basic professional LED light technology.

Lights / Examples of prices for lighting

Lighting - works  (1 hour) 300 CZK
DMX lighting console 400 CZK
Showtec LED PAR,21x3W                       (4pc)  1.200 CZK
American DJ LED PAR, 5x5W                 (4pc) 1.000 CZK
I am not a VAT payer.